About us

Creating sustainable, long-term heating and cooling networks for UK cities

Our purpose is to define, create and strengthen sustainable city-scale heating and cooling networks

Our vision and purpose

We Bring sustainable heating and cooling to people and businesses across city-scale networks.

Create and grow

Partnering and investing to deliver city-scale heating and cooling networks across the UK.

Optimise and service

Managing, maintaining and upgrading our networks.

Evolve and lead

Expanding and decarbonising our networks, leading the transition to net zero.

Our values

How we work with our partners, communities, and our people
is guided by our values.

Bring Quality

We bring quality, safety, and well-being for all, from the services we deliver to the people we employ.

Bring Innovation

Curious, creative, and collaborative, we aren’t scared to challenge the status-quo.

Bring Integrity

Open, accountable and transparent, we have a culture that inspires integrity 
and respect.

Bring Growth

Responsible, accountable, and forward-looking, we contribute positively to the growth of the communities we serve.

Bring Strength

We build resilience and strength in our teams to continuously improve.

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